There’s a lot more to journaling than what most people think

Sébastien Dubois.
2 min readSep 7, 2023

There’s a lot more to journaling than what most people think… I’ve been journaling for a number of years, and it has helped me tremendously! Here’s why…

I find it valuable (for myself) to capture journal entries along with the rest of my notes. I’m able to link everything together and associate all my notes with time. It really pushes me forward.

Instead of “Make your bed”, I propose “Write your journal entry”

I keep my journal open all day long, and I keep adding notes while I’m working:

  • Things I should do (action)
  • Things I discovered (learning)
  • Things I think about (thinking)
  • Things I’m grateful for (gratitude)

At the end of the week, during my weekly review, I go back to all those notes, and I:

Journaling helps me in all aspects of my life. It helps me a lot as a founder/entrepreneur, author, and lifelong learner. But it’s also incredibly valuable for thinking, planning, personal development, and relationships!

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What keeps you from journaling?

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