Tagging your daily todos: When MoSCoW is not enough

Sébastien Dubois
4 min readAug 27, 2019
Picture courtesy of @kellysikkema

For the last 10–12 years, I’ve been applying the Getting Things Done (GTD) “techniques” such as Inbox Zero, the 2-minute rule, etc.

I’ve collected and organized my todo items (both personal and professional) in never-ending prioritized lists.

These techniques have helped me keep a great level of control over everything that crosses my radar and that I need/want to take care of.

Here’s what I do!


Thanks to GTD techniques and motivation, I’ve been able to be very productive most of the time, which has helped me make great progress in my career as a software engineer and as a manager, as well as in my personal projects (e.g., starting my own company, writing a book about the TypeScript programming language, etc.)

But in recent years I’ve kept feeling more and more overwhelmed by the amount of things to do, which recently motivated me to take a good hard look at how I organize my days and to try and find ways to feel less overwhelmed and more in control of my time.

Make time

To reach that goal, I’ve read quite a few interesting books, but the one that struck me the most was “Make Time” by Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky (https://maketime.blog/), which I definitely…