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When / How I write

Personally, I am much more productive in the morning than in the afternoon. In the evening I’m barely able to pay bills, eat, watch Netflix and sleep (just kidding). Seriously though, I am clearly less and less inspired as the day unfolds.

My weapons of choice

As an IT engineer, I’ve poured hundreds of hours of my life testing and toying with all sorts of programs, so I’m never scared to install stuff, click around and discover how things work. Even if you’re not IT minded, don’t be scared ;-)


For my first book, I chose to write using AsciiDoc.

Visual Studio Code

To edit my AsciiDoc files, I’ve been using Visual Studio Code (VS Code).


Another tool that I cannot live without is Git, a hugely popular source control management system. With Git, you can keep track of all the versions of your files. For instance if you delete a file, paragraph or whatever by mistake, you can restore everything to the previous state easily.

Scrivener .. or not?

A few years back when I first fancied writing a book, I looked for programs that I could use. I’ve tried many of those, including yWriter, WriteMonkey, Manuskript and many others. Among those, WriteMonkey was my favorite for a while.

  • The Windows version is still not on par with the OSX one; bummer since I’m using Linux & Windows only
  • A much bigger problem for me is the main file format used by Scrivener: RTF. That file format is really horrendous as it cannot be edited without a specific editor. Also, since it encodes special characters and text formatting with special syntax, it is really hard to compare different versions of the same file. Because of this, I’m losing most of the power of source control systems like Git

Typewriter sounds!

Last but not least, my favorite tool is one that I’ve blogged about a while ago:

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