Introducing the Personal Knowledge Management Library

Learning how to learn

The modern world is overwhelming

Every day, we get bombarded with information. There’s always more, and it’s getting worse. We need ways to organize ourselves and our information. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a way to stay on top of it all. Armed with a properly designed PKM system, we can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

What is the Personal Knowledge Management Library?

During most of 2021, I’ve done extensive research and curated a ton of information and links about the Personal Knowledge Management space. I’ve regrouped all of this inside of a Notion space. It is now a solid database of the best resources you can find on the subject around the Internet. It’s one of the most comprehensive resources you can find on the Web today.

  • Links to 220+ articles
  • Links to 120+ videos
  • A list of 150+ tools
  • A list of 55+ books about learning, thinking, note-taking, journaling, neuroscience, etc
  • Links to 150+ sites & blogs
  • A list of 50+ YouTube channels
  • A list of 50+ courses
  • A list of 50+ newsletters
  • A list of 40+ communities and forums
  • A list of ~1.2K PKM leaders, influencers, and enthusiasts
  • A list of 40+ starter kits and templates
  • A list of 20+ Twitter hashtags to follow
  • A list of 10+ podcasts

Where can I get it?

The PKM Library is available on Gumroad.

About Sébastien

Hello everyone! I’m Sébastien Dubois. I’m an author, founder, and CTO. I write books and articles about software development & IT, personal knowledge management, personal organization, and productivity. I also craft lovely digital products 🚀



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