Hello Shai,

Indeed, following the calendar is not the idea; I use my “ideal calendar” as a way to remind myself of the objectives that i’ve fixed for myself. Whether I go out running on Wednesday or Thursday doesn’t matter one bit to me.

I care though that I do get out 2–3 times a week to be moving a bit more :)

So far my plan is going great; I’ve had to make a few adjustments here and there, but overall it has a really positive impact on my daily life.

I’ve started doing “miracle mornings”, waking up really early and just taking time to exercise, meditate, read, etc, things I was usually skipping due to “lack of time”.

One area where I’ve encountered a lot more difficulty is actually to take breaks during the day. It’s quite easy for me to really get focused for long periods of time (3–4 hours), but really hard to say “ok stop, let’s go walk for a minute and breathe”.

As we say usually, it’s a journey! :)

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