DeveloPassion’s Newsletter — Proof of Work (PoW)

Sébastien Dubois.
8 min readMay 24, 2022

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Welcome to the 64th edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

Welcome to all the new readers ❤️

This week felt a bit better. I’ve decided to see two therapists in parallel (yes, I’m crazy like that 😂). It’s the first time I do that, but find it quite interesting. They have very different styles and help me on different levels. One is analytical and methodical and provides me with practical techniques and mental models I can use to reduce my anxiety and find some peace of mind. The other uses Transactional analysis and focuses more on exploring my issues through discussion. This helps me become more aware of my biases, and understand my behavior and my unconscious ideas.

This week, I’ve signed my new freelancing contract. At least the frame agreement. Now I’m waiting for my first assignment. It’s stressful (thanks to the impostor syndrome), but I’m confident the company is a positive one with a great mindset. We’ll see how it goes!

Last but not least, the sun was out, and I could enjoy the hammock and share the experience with my baby boy. Priceless!

The Lab 🧪

My marketing efforts for the Obsidian Starter Kit have paid off. I’m finally seeing some more sales flowing.

Sales for the Obsidian Starter Kit in the last 30 days

Thanks to those, I’ve crossed the $1K revenue mark:

I’ve added a few more guides (e.g., tagging, templating, meta folder) and plugins for automation. I’m far from done, though. With the hurricane I’m going through, it’s hard to find energy and time to make significant progress.

Also, I need to move forward with my other small bets. I want to introduce a paid membership for my Website, sharing deeper pieces with subscribers. Same for this newsletter. To achieve that, I’m probably going to migrate everything over to Ghost. I haven’t decided yet, but I strongly believe that getting Monthly Recurring Revenue will help me to…