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Welcome to the Midweek Links #7

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Personal development, PKM & learning

Essays ·
Personal website of Gwern Branwen (writer, self-experimenter, and programmer): topics: psychology, statistics, technology, deep learning, anime. This index page is a categorized list of pages.

Building a Second Brain + Writing a Book with Tiago
I’m back! Very excited for @Tiago Forte’s book, named after his Building a Second Brain (BASB) system, and this is the first time I invite a guest on the cha…

Obsidian and PARA: universal knowledge management | January 2022 |
Remember, Connect, and Create. A universal organization system that keeps your knowledge approachable, useful, and synchronized in plaintext files.

Your personal content strategy in

Overwhelmed by the firehose of content coming at you 24/7?

Feynman Lectures Volume 1

Feynman Lectures Volume 2

Feynman Lectures Volume 3

IT and Software Development

Small Actions Make Great

Leadership has traditionally been taught as a set of larger actions, such as having a difficult conversation or coaching someone. In reality, leading well is an integrated activity, in which one is doing many things simultaneously…

WCAG 3.0: What you need to know about the future of accessibility standards | by Daniel Berryhill | Nov, 2021 | UX
As of the writing of this article, WCAG 3.0 is out as a Working Draft. This means AGWG (Accessibility Guidelines Working Group) is satisfied that the draft is ready for public feedback. WCAG 3.0…


A tour of Unison#

CopyChar — Copy special characters to your clipboard |
A basic app that allows you to find and copy special characters to your clipboard. Click or tap on a character and it will be copied to your clipboard.


Indie Hacking and bootstrapping

The Perils of Audience Capture — by Gurwinder — The
How influencers become brainwashed by their audiences

67 — My new Tiny Projects approach for 2022 | Tiny Projects

AMA! I sold an Airtable Database for $
Chargebee Sale AMA! Hey Indie Hackers! I’m Mike Cardona, and last month I sold an Airtable Database allowing you to run a newsletter entirely through Ai…

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