DeveloPassion’s Newsletter — Midweek Links #2

Sébastien Dubois.
3 min readJan 20, 2022

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Welcome to the midweek Links #2

Since I haven’t received any strong signal for or against this “Midweek Links” experiment, I’m continuing! 🎉

The poll is still open if you want to share your opinion about this new idea (it should take less than 2 minutes, which — per GTD principles — means that you should do it right now).

Alright, let’s goooooo! 🚀

Personal development, PKM & learning

The Color of Infinite Temperature |

This is the color of something infinitely hot

Learning to Learn — Why and How It’s Possible to Become More Efficient at Learning

Be effective to acquire knowledge.

What is a digital garden?
Each year, my wife’s parents buy us a membership to the National Trust for the family. Granted, we’re not getting much use out of it this year, but normally once or twice a week we’d head with the boys to a property and garden somewhere near us.

Building a Digital Garden with
Check out my guide to building your own digital garden at It’s amazing when something just clicks.