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Sébastien Dubois
10 min readSep 13, 2022

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Welcome to the 83rd edition

Another week, another newsletter! I hope that you all had a great one 🤩

This week, I finally received the parts for my new computer. It took me a few hours to assemble everything. The last time I built a new computer was in 2013, but I still know how to do it :)

It took me a lot longer than I expected to install and configure everything. As a developer, I need a ton of tools. And as a crafter, I need specific tools configured in very specific ways. I’ll publish an article about my setup.

As a few of you were curious, here are the specs of my new toy:

It’s a solid machine, and I’m delighted with the results so far. Today I’ve installed stable-diffusion and started exploring its possibilities. More on that soon!

I’ve also spent some time exploring the switch from Bash to ZSH (finally!), discovered WSLg (so cool!), had fun with winget, and had fun acting like a tech nerd again for a few days. Good times 😂

Placing the CPU cooler is always the most stressful part
The CPU cooler is HUGE
The cable management is not ideal, but I’ll improve that later