Today, I want to tell you about my latest project, about Software Development, which is currently on .

Update 2021–05–30: You can now , dedicated to uncovering what users need and how to build truly great products.

Update 2021–03–20: You can now , dedicated to the software craft, how to acquire all the important skills, and become a true crafter.

As some of you might know, I’m the author of a . It was my first experience with the publishing world and…

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 24th edition of my newsletter.

I hope you all had a great week. Mine was fantastic. My third child, Raphaël, is born this Friday. I couldn’t be happier right now! 😀

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep all that much since Friday, but I still wanted to show up and share a few thoughts with you all!

The more time I spend working on this newsletter, the more I appreciate it. Writing this feels like having a conversation with an old friend, except that I’m now sharing my thoughts with hundreds of people… 😉

Problem-solving 101

In this article, I want to discuss problem-solving, one of the key skills that software developers need to master. As a software developer, you’ll face problems all day long. IT in general and software development in particular is really all about solving problems. If you don’t enjoy doing that, then you might not like software development all that much.

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Early days

In your early days as a developer, you’ll spend a lot of time fighting against compilers, interpreters and linters. Why is this expression invalid? What is…

Software crafters care a lot about the quality of their work, but business realities are generally much more important.

As a software crafter, you’ll often be faced with the following conundrum: how to deliver the best possible quality results, hence satisfying the crafter in you, while pleasing end users, who usually want high-quality results yesterday?

Let’s explore this subject together. This content is part of of my .

Tradeoffs and responsibilities

It’s always a question of balance. Software crafters should generally strive for better quality but, always have to make tradeoffs. …

There’s now an online community dedicated to Software Crafters.

One more community? Why?

I’ve decided to create an online community for Software Crafters. Here’s what it’s all about!

There are countless communities out there, on Slack, Discord, Reddit, etc. But I don’t think that there are many dedicated to people who consider themselves as “artisans of code”.

I want to create that space because I’m sure that I’m not alone and that many people share the same passion for IT and Software Development.

Considering IT & software development as a craft doesn’t mean focusing on code quality more than business outcomes, on the contrary…

The future of work is right here

Remote-first is the real New Way of Working, and it’s here to stay.

Around the world, many organizations are pushing people to “Get back to work”. And that’s enough! No more insults. No, thank you. We all deserve better!

Picture courtesy of Tobe Mokolo:

Important note: Don’t pay attention to the precision of the timeline. I’m telling a story, not teaching a history lesson. I’m sharing my memories as they are: fuzzy.

Unreal start

When the first images from Wuhan started going viral, it all seemed like a TV Show. Everything was as if this was all happening in a parallel universe. But no, this was real. China was clearly taking things seriously.

Bizarrely, the whole world seemed to observe…

Even if we use terms such as software engineering and software architecture, software development is really much more of an art form than a science.

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What is a Software Crafter?

Simply put, the software craft is about than just software development and software engineering:

In this article, I’ll quickly describe a path that you can follow in order to discover/learn IT and Software development from scratch. I’ll also discuss the different career paths that you can explore over time, based on your own interests and goals.

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Let’s start by taking a look at a simple overview of the different sub-domains of IT and software development that you can explore over the course of your career. There’s more, but those are front and center:

Now that we’ve clarified a bit and , let’s look at the difference between software developers, software engineers, coders, and programmers. Please note that this is a personal opinion, and depends on the context; there’s no universal truth here.

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Is there really any difference?

Let’s answer a seemingly simple, but important question: what is a software developer, engineer, coder, programmer? Well, like many things in IT, the answer is “it depends”.

Usually, I use those terms interchangeably, because I consider that all the people who write code should actually…

The difference between software development and software engineering.

In this article, I’ll share my personal take on the difference between software development and software engineering (SE). It is a personal opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

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So what is it about?

Many people may tell you that both terms refer to the same concept. Personally, I don’t agree. The way I see things, software development is the “what” (i.e., the activity) and software engineering is broader; it corresponds to the “what” and the “how” (i.e., the process, the approaches, the methodologies, etc).

NOTE: Before going any further, I want to clearly…

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